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Flutter course

One framework to rule them all. Flutter is the future of cross-platform development and you could be the one who dominates the know-how.

This practice-oriented, face-to-face course would put you ten steps ahead of your peers and at the very top with your dream employer. And everyone can apply!

Flutter course is the first one in a series of other courses within our newly formed Cinnamon College. Stay tuned.
Flutter course
What is Flutter

What is Flutter?

As Google's open-source SDK, Flutter provides a way to develop apps both for Android and iOS from a single codebase.

Flutter doesn’t use native components, rather it renders its own components that mimic the use, look and feel of native ones.

Why Flutter?

Learning to code in Dart and use Flutter is quite simple, and the benefit is enormous. This tech stack is on the rise and there is a great demand for experts in the field.

It’s a tech stack that you can develop on any kind of computer and you can get an output on pretty much any kind of mobile device.

Why Flutter

Take away


Back to school. And we all know what that means: homework, homework, homework. But worry not, you won’t get penalty points even if a dog eats your homework.


You’ll be working on a real app made in-house by our designers. One hour of instructions and one hour of actual coding. Talk about a perfect setup!


In this free course, you’ll experience what it is like to work in the best Flutter team in Croatia. Once you get a diploma, there’s always a shot for you to join us!


Having the largest Flutter team in Croatia, you’ll be surrounded by experienced mentors who’ll be at your disposal all the way through this course.


You’ll work in tandem with the designers and QA engineers. We’ll even simulate the client’s presence, so you get a grip on achieving maximum velocity.


This practice-oriented, face-to-face course will give you a strong foundation of the skills you seek and will introduce you to the wide specter of widgets.

Meet the mentors

Cinnamon started writing its first apps in Flutter long before it took such a global turn. We already had a kick-ass team of developers on a stand-by to conquer the market. Today, these men and women extraordinaire will be your mentors and a shortcut to the next big thing in IT.

Stjepko Jeleković

Mobile Development Team Lead

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Samantha Holstead

Flutter Developer

Josip Kilić

Flutter Developer


Applications Alert

What are you waiting for? Last chance to apply via the Contact form.

Initial assignment

Just a simple task to be done by Mar 13th to assess your basic knowledge.

The participants

Great job! Meet the selected candidates. Hopefully, you’re one of them.

Introduction class

Welcome to our Zagreb office. Pleased to meet you.

Start date

The fun starts now. Sharpen your grey cells and let’s roll it.

Last Lecture

Our mission has come to an end. Let’s wrap it up, future colleague.

Closing ceremony

Congratulations! You’re a certified Flutter developer. You’re welcome!

Applications closed!

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