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Seize the unique opportunity to participate in a wide range of courses conducted by professionals with an impeccable reputation in the digital industry.

Whether your interest lies in UX/UI product design, development, or quality assurance engineering, Cinnamon is the bedrock for your career path.


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About college

The idea behind Cinnamon college is to bring closer the latest software development tools and techniques while experiencing a dynamic and interactive working environment.

Our ambition is to help the graduates reach their full potential through systematic analysis, strategic planning, and building software solutions by the latest industry standards.

We at Cinnamon guarantee this is the best way to invest your time!

Take away


Having a team of utter professionals, you’ll be surrounded by trained mentors who’ll be at your disposal all the way through this course.


Figure out a plan for your personal and professional growth as a skilled and reputable member of the IT community.


In this free course, you’ll experience what it’s like to work in one of the best software teams in Croatia. There’s always a shot for you to join us!


You’ll work in tandem with other departments: developers, PMs, designers, QA engineers to get a glimpse of what teamwork really is.


All of our courses have the same bottom line: to teach you to identify, understand and apply troubleshooting solutions.


Practice-oriented courses will give you a strong foundation for the skills you seek and will introduce you to a wide specter of new insights.

I am glad I decided to apply!

Cinnamon has lovely mentors who are dedicated to helping attendees. I love the fact that they are open to conversation and tend to push you through challenges.
My experience at Cinnamon has been great so far, with lots of good-hearted people and an amazing office interior design!

Ervin Sikirić
Design Course Student

I enjoy Cinnamon Agency’s approach and mindset!

“Cinnamon’s experience and people are great.
Our mentors helped us with assignments. So far, I’ve learned a lot, which encourages me to keep learning after college. “

Iva Papac

I can already see myself getting better throughout this course.

“It was really fun. People are great and welcoming. They are really fun to talk to, and they will answer any question you have. The office is beautiful, and the atmosphere is really chill. “

Ivana Ursa

Our mentors are with us through every step.

I am happy that we got such amazing, engaged mentors who guided us through each step of our product design task and didn’t mind us picking their brains, all in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Martina Strunjak
Design Course Student

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Is attending Cinnamon College free of charge?

All Cinnamon courses are free of charge.

Who can apply for the Cinnamon College courses?

Graduates, students, career-switchers, enthusiasts, beginners, pretty much anyone who wants to learn new things, and finish our tests successfully.

Is there a possibility to attend courses online?

The courses are conducted face-to-face in our Zagreb office. We are firm believers in working in a group setup, face to face.
The reason is higher efficiency and more fun with mentors and colleagues.

Are initial tests mandatory for every type of course?

Initial tests are mandatory for all. Depending on the course type, test tasks are defined and communicated to the applicants in a timely manner.

What projects do the applicants work on during the course?

Cinnamon plans all courses specifically and individually, so every setup is adapted based on the course requirements.
All other information could be found on the Course pages.

What do I gain by attending Cinnamon College courses?

Every graduate from Cinnamon College gains knowledge and experience in working on real projects.

Also, the college introduces you to the company environment and leaves the opportunity for potential internship and/or hiring.

Plus, you get a pretty cool NFT 🙂

For additional questions please reach out to us via mail. Contact Us

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